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BE INSPIRED: Steve Siegfried is now booking for speaking engagements through to 15 May 2019

With mountains of experience in the law enforcement community as well as stories of climbing some of Colorado's highest peaks along with Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Steve has some amazing experiences to share that are guaranteed to inspire, motivate and invoke a positive shift in his audiences.

Steve recognizes that there are so many parallels between climbing some of the world’s highest mountains, and the challenges we all face in our businesses every day.

‘Many of the decisions I have to make on a mountain, are the same decisions that I had to make over the course of my  law enforcement career.  It is just that the environment is different.’

Every day, businesses have to face hardships: finding and keeping good people, dealing with budgets and having to ‘tighten the belt’, performance, team morale, external market pressure, competition, meeting deadlines, dealing with impediments, and finding solutions when things go wrong. Hear Steve talk about all of these things, with a mountain twist, including dilemmas, team challenges and team success.

Every day, individuals are faced with a multitude of decisions with challenges in their working roles, personal lives and fitting everything in. Hear Steve share his mountain and industry experiences, including personal dilemmas, individual challenges and how your individual input is critical for team success.

Through inspirational stories and experiences from the mountains, you and your people can expect to be riveted, listening to and interacting with Steve as he takes everyone on a magical journey onto the world’s highest mountains, whilst exploring new ideas and perspectives that will aid in their working roles and your business.

Just when you think the answer is ‘I can’t’ it is quite probable that the answer is ‘I can’. Engage with Steve on themes such as: endurance, perseverance and courage.

Steve is a passionate and natural storyteller. After spending some time with you to learn about your business goals and challenges, Steve can seamlessly weave your business themes and goals into any presentation.

You can contact Steve at  for more information.

His presentations are guaranteed to inspire and motivate.