About Steve


Steve Siegfried is one of Michigan’s most accomplished big mountain climbers. Which, for being born and raised on the flat farm grounds of Nebraska, is a remarkable feat. His first breakthrough was when he climbed Mt. Elbert in Colorado with his brother in 2006 and caught the hiking / climbing bug. Since then, he’s summitted 13 peaks in Colorado over 14,000. 

Later, in 2012 and after moving to Michigan, he’s been on many trips back to Colorado and summited another two 14’ers. In 2018, Steve travelled to Tanzania with a goal of summitting his first of the 7 Summits, Mt. Kilimanjaro. On July 5th, he successfully climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro and shared a well-deserved hug with his guide.

Siegfried recognizes his rare opportunity to climb professionally while at the same time, holding a fulltime job as a project engineer. Siegfried says, “I think I’m one of the luckiest people I know, because I found my true passion at an older age. I’ll climb for as long as my body will allow me to get outside and play”.

Along with his two sons, Gage and Hunter and daughter, Painsley (named after Torres del Paine NP in Chile), Siegfried lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan. While planning his next climb, he continues to explore climbing areas all around the US, but always returns to Colorado for its wild beauty.