Mountaineering Everest in 2022

Mountaineering Philosophy


Numerous friends, other mountain climbers, acquaintances and sponsors have asked me why I am so stubborn in climbing and hiking these mountains, and why I set myself with ambitious projects, such as wanting to climb Everest along with the other Seven Summits.

In Napoleon Hill’s words:

“You will succeed because you have a goal, not a hope, a wish or a dream, but a definite desire which allow your mind to fixate on a goal. When you do set yourself for a goal, don’t let anything persuade you otherwise or deviate you from attaining it.”

The Paths We Travel


Paths which have been tread by countless forms over the months, years, centuries of their existence. Each traveller who journeys along a path leaves behind something of their passage; an essence you can feel if you allow the imagination to roam free.
The air can swirl with the whispered trace of the banter of the comings and goings of the trail; laughter, chatter, strangers greeting fellow travelers – folk forging ahead in search of a new dawn.

Paths have a purpose; they all lead somewhere. A huge part of the thrill of travelling along one is to discover the answer to a question – ‘where do you lead?’

Join Me On The Adventure


Timeline of Expeditions

  • Kilimanjaro - July 2018 (completed)
  • January 2019 - Aconcagua (no summit, weather turned our group around)
  • May 2019 - Mt. Elbrus (completed)
  • January 2020 - Mount Siple (first climber to summit this mountain)
  • May 2020 - Denali
  • January 2021 - Mt. Vinson
  • October 2021 - Carstensz Pyramid
  • May 2022 - Mt. Everest
  • January 2023 - Aconcagua, 2nd attempt


Gering Courier, 12-2018

gering courier

Rochester Post, 12-2018

Rochester Post